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When will we worship in-person again?

Some of you may be wondering when we will gather in person for worship again, especially as there are now government policies allowing this in a very limited way. I have been conferring with some of our leaders about this.

While we look forward to gathering again in person, the reality is that even while we are technically allowed to do this, there are so many restrictions and procedures to follow, there is a great deal of work to do before we are able to gather in a way that complies with all the regulations from our city, state, and denomination. Here are the guidelines we are required to comply with from our Bishop.

We will work toward doing this, but we will take our time to do it right.

Even if we were to open right away, we would not be able to gather more than 25% of our sanctuary capacity. We would need to distance 6 feet apart from one another. We would not have any singing or live music. There are many more requirements and limitations. For the time being, it seems best to continue with our online worship experience.

As things develop I will continue to keep us informed. In the meantime, let us continue to participate fully in online worship and keep connected in all the ways we have available. This includes home groups, Bible Studies, prayer meetings, and simply keeping in touch with one another personally.

I realize this is a hardship for us, but let us be patient and endure with a good attitude, not with complaining about what we are not able to do, but with resourcefulness to explore new ways of expressing our common faith in Jesus Christ.

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