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Update in response to Mayor Garcetti's announcement

Hello Kardia family,

Worship Online

Well, it wasn't glitch free, but we had our first online worship service today. I appreciate all your patience during this time. It looks like this will be the new normal for at least a few weeks. It could be longer, and may even last through Easter. Unfortunately, we cannot know for sure what things will be like weeks from now. COVID-19 is causing changes in how we do things seemingly on a daily basis.

New Rules for LA

If you haven't heard, Mayor Garcetti has announced new restrictions to implement social distancing in Los Angeles. You can catch his latest Facebook Live announcement here: Garcetti Facebook Live Announcement.

Be Prepared, But Don't Panic

Please, do not give into fear or panic. We have a mighty God who will see us through. However, be wise and make sure you supply yourself adequately in terms of food and medication for the near term. But think of others and refrain from hoarding. Look after one another and your neighbors. This is the time for us to practice the golden rule and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Help those in need.

The Mayor has designated a fund that we can donate to in order to help our city's response to this emergency. This seems like a reasonable place to donate in order to help our city at large, but I cannot personally vouch for this. If you have information on where we can help, let me know.

Please also continue to give to our church at https://www.kardiachurch.org/giving so that we can have adequate resources to respond to the needs of our own church family.

Stay Connected

I wanted to think of a way for our church to be able to communicate throughout the week with one another. I am looking at different messaging apps. If anyone has a suggestion, please comment. Facebook Groups appears to be the most viable for large group messaging. But I am open to alternatives because I know not everyone is on Facebook. I am familiar with What's App, Signal, KakaoTalk, GroupMe, Slack, etc. We should pick one thing for the whole church to get on so we can message each other when needed. Again, I would love to see your suggestions.

Live in Hope

So much of how this emergency will play out depends on our emotional and psychological response. As Christians, we need to be speaking faith, hope and love into the atmosphere to counteract the creeping panic and anxiety. I will be in more frequent communication throughout this time either through email, social media, and especially our blog.

Let us pray like we never have before for our city. We can turn the tide of this virus in prayer. We have a mighty God who is greater than all disease

Much love,

Pastor Steve

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