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Reorient: Pace and Space

God might be a drummer. Why? He's got rhythm.

God invented night and day. He invented the seven day week. He invented the day off.

One of the opportunities we have as we are hunkered down because of the Stay at Home order is to reorient the pace of our lives.

One of the things about rhythm is that it involves pace and space. There is a tempo that you keep. You play music in time. Play too fast and you can't dance to it. Too slow and it drags.

There is also space. I like music where the musicians know how to use silence as well as sound. Music is not just about notes. It's about silence. It's silence that creates impact, interest and delight.

This past week, I've experienced the hectic chaos of adapting to almost daily changes. It is a massive amount of adjustment to make in a very short amount of time. My sympathy goes out to the teachers of my children. They are scrambling to learn how to use new technologies like Zoom. They are trying to figure out how to translate instruction to an entirely online environment. I've received several emails from them saying how they are inundated with emails and messages from parents who themselves are scrambling to adapt to involuntary homeschooling.

Right now, there's not a sense of healthy pace and space.

But there really hasn't been, at least in our city of Los Angeles. Not that I could tell. I think people have been over-scheduled and overzealous for too many different things. We push ourselves and our families to the limit. There is hardly any margin. Anytime there is free time, we rush to fill it. This is like music where every instrument is trying to fill every silence. It all ends up being noise.

We've lost our sense of what is really important. We think everything is important, and equally so.

But that's not God's way. God is like a drummer. He's got rhythm. He understands pace and space, and he set those in his Word. When he gave us night and day, evening and morning, a seventh day of rest.

It's my hope that as things slow down and settle into a rhythm in the upcoming weeks, that we would all be able to reorient ourselves to a different rhythm, one dictated not by ambition, greed, anxiety or fear, but dictated by God. When we learn how to live in step with his rhythm, following his pace and honoring space, we can start making some beautiful music.

Action Step

How do you feel? Stressed? Harried? This is your soul telling you to SLOW DOWN. It's okay. You don't have to fill every moment with activity. Use this week to get a sense of a healthy new rhythm and pace of life. Then think about how to carry that over when we go back to normal. Is everything important? Maybe you can live without some things. Maybe you can live better without some things. God is not a slave driver. He wants you to follow his pace and space, the rhythm of work and rest.

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