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Living by Faith

To live by faith is to constantly hold to the reality of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom, regardless of your circumstances or feelings or experience. To be in all situations, whether good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, to be in all states, whether well or sick, happy or unhappy, and still hold to the reality of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom, the kingdom of joy and peace, is to be a true Christian, and should be the goal toward which all our energies in the spirit are directed each day. This is our witness and testimony to the world of the genuineness of the things we believe.

It takes discipline to be a champion. Discipline is a system by which we install boundaries and framing and structures into our daily patterns to ensure that we are regulary exposed to the reality of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom. Without discipline we are at the mercy of our circumstances and our feelings. But if our goal is to grow in Jesus Christ, then we can embrace discipline, even when it imposes on our preferences and momentary sentiments.

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