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Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Men’s clothing very gently used or new, we need the following:

  • belts

  • coats

  • pants

  • jackets

  • t shirts (no bright colors please, no RED or BLUE, plain t shirts)

  • comfortable walking shoes, such as sandals or sneakers or flip flops

Men’s clothing new, we need the following: (these can be bought from thrift stores or Amazon for very cheap)

  • plain socks

  • plain underwear of various sizes


  • blankets

  • $10 increments gift cards to various fast food (please only make it in $10 increments so that we can bless as many people as possible)

These are the things we need for the men coming to Kardia for Meals with Hope. The weather is slowly changing and as it does, we would love to share our blessings of warm clothing with others.  Please think of those less unfortunate and we are grateful that you are helping us to bless others. Thank you for cleaning out your closets and spending time and effort to help us bless others. Anything else you want to donate beyond this list, we will gladly take them as well.

There will be a drop box at church in the lobby where you can place your donations.

Thank you!

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