Community Outreach

Paul & Leanne Jewell, Kardia’s Homeless Outreach Ministry Co-Chairs

We came to Kardia UMC back in 2019. We were immediately blessed when we chose to immerse ourselves in Kardia’s Outreach ministry through Meals With Hope, through the Wesley Foundation and UCLA. We involved ourselves and immersed ourselves in community culture and wondered what else we could do to impact our new surrounding community. After a few months we had discussed many of our ideas for community impact with Pastor Steve. He heard our personal stories, and shortly after we were nominated as the new Co-Chairs for outreach.

Through community engagement, active boots-on-the-ground style, and open hearts we felt it absolutely necessary to create new options for outreach and community impact.

We immediately started the Sack-lunch-ministry for our unhoused neighbors, day workers, and people living in vehicles, tents, and on the streets. We connected with LITFF ( Living In The Future Fund ) for additional funding, and have since received thousands of dollars in grants, we have reached out to the VA Administration for information to hand out and are currently doing targeted outreach with the unhoused Veterans living outside the VA facility. We are also engaging some companies corporate offices trying to receive more funding for outreach and are currently working towards joining other churches in our outreach ministry events.

Volunteer & Give Back To Your Community

Get engaged with the community around you by voluntering in our Homless Outreach Minitries. Here are three opportunities to volunteer and give back:

Community Sack Lunch Ministry Sign-Up

Community Sack Lunch Intake Sign-Up

Distribution of Community Sack Lunch Ministry Sign-Up

Paul Jewell


Paul is currently working for an Environmental Firm, working with multiple Community Councils, businesses and multi family dwellings to achieve the City of LA’s Zero Waste goals. Paul has worked in construction for over 17 years, and has transitioned through multiple other careers. Paul is a “recovered” alcoholic and drug addict of over 15 years, and has seen the world through some very dark glasses. Paul’s spirit changed through his “sobriety”, and he reconnected with God. Since then, Paul has been on a mission to help the “hopeless, lost, and left behind”. Paul has “recovered”from a seemingly hopeless state of mind, body, and spirit, and desires nothing more than to shine God’s light into the darkness, raise people up and help them break their chains.

Leanne jewell


Leanne is married to Paul, the co chair of the Outreach Team. She is also a "recovered" alcoholic, drug addict, and pill addict. Having gone through these issues in her personal life, she has such a compassion for others who also struggle with them. Recovery has brought her closer to God and she seeks to be more Christ centered in her everyday life. In addition to recovery, she understands and have the utmost compassion and empathy for people who have chronic physical health and chronic mental health issues. Mental health is an issue so close to her heart. Leanne has a long history of having grown up with the members of Kardia Church before there was a Kardia Church. Leanne really does have a passion for all of God's children and has a passion for service to others.

TASSEL Cambodia

Joji Tatsugi, President

Founder, TASSEL, Inc


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We are currently partnering with TASSEL Cambodia for our international outreach efforts. Learn more about this incredible organization here.

Mr. Tatsugi retired from the business world in 2011. He created TASSEL in 2012 to serve not only the poor but also youths and adults in developed nations so that the next generation can be equipped to eradicate poverty. He believes education, and importantly English language education, is critical in helping nations such as Cambodia get out of poverty.

Prior to creating TASSEL, Mr. Tatsugi held management positions at Reed Elsevier as well as worked as a management consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers and McKinsey & Company.

He has an M.B.A. degree from Stanford University and a B.S. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he graduated number one in his class.

A Note From the Founder:

I really could not have imagined how impactful TASSEL could be when I left the corporate world in 2011 to start this journey. Since 2012, the TASSEL family has grown from two Cambodian teachers, six U.S. volunteers, and 60 Cambodian children to 25 Cambodian teachers, 800 international volunteers and 2300 children.

But numbers in themselves are not meaningful. What truly is meaningful is how the growth has happened.

The growth has happened because of hearts transforming hearts. Compassionate international volunteers and Cambodian teachers whose hearts were transformed by the helplessness, humility and courage of the children and villagers. In turn, the children and villagers whose hearts were transformed by the selfless acts of the volunteers and perseverance of the Cambodian teachers.

Praise Ministries

For many of us, God’s presence is felt in his music. As we listen and sing, we open our hearts to God’s presence in our church, our community and ourselves. Our praise ministry is made of church members volunteering to bring God’s great music to our community. We hope you will join us in song as we praise God together! If you are interested in playing in the praise band or assisting with AV, please contact our praise leader Esther Choi at or call (310) 473-1285

Children & Youth Ministries

Our children’s ministry is a source of great joy for the kids, their parents, and the church community. We are deeply involved in sharing God’s love and joy with our kids and young adults.

West LA Methodist Prechool

We believe that every child is a child of God. It is the purpose of the Preschool to provide for the optimum growth of the child – intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, morally and spiritually...

  • at their own rate of speed and in their own growth pattern;
  • in an atmosphere of love, understanding and concern;
  • by providing space and a variety of equipment and experiences;
  • where the child is free to explore through their senses, to experiment, to think, to choose and do, to share and take turns, to experience failure and success;

That the child may become an inner directed person of dignity and worth and a well-adjusted, responsible, participating member of society with empathy for others.



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