Who we are

Kardia is a United Methodist Congregation whose vision is to Be a Blessing to the World. We do that by helping people follow Jesus. We are multicultural, multi-generational, contemporary and passionate about loving God and loving people. We are excited for you to know how amazing God is and to experience his grace, truth and power at work in your life. We long to see God's influence in our society and in the larger world and we work together to each play our role in God's good work.


What we believe

We believe Jesus is the savior, the one who can save us from sin, sickness, death and darkness. He is God in the flesh, fully divine and fully human. All are invited to believe in him and receive life from him: new life, abundant life and eternal life.


We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God and is trustworthy and authoritative for all matters of belief and practice.

We believe that Jesus gives his Holy Spirit to those who believe and trust in him. The Holy Spirit is God dwelling within the Christian, actively working in us to empower us to embody and represent Jesus to the world.

our staff

Dr. Stephen Kim
Lois Olson

Children's Director


Carmen Lozano

Infant/Nursery care

Pastor Carol Mayer

Pre-school Director

Esther Choi

Praise Leader


Leslie Kim